Laverda LH 1

1976 Laverda replace the off road bike 250 Chott (later name 2TR) how was complete
made from Laverda with the new moto-cross bike Husquarna Laverda LH1.
The bikes was powered by a 2 stroke engine with 125cc from the Swedish firm
Husquarna and made to win moto-cross events all over the world. Laverda modify
the reed valve and replace the original used Bing carburettor with a Dell’Orto.
The frame was based on the latest Husquarna moto-cross steeds but not exact similar.

(Picture of the Huski)

In 1978 Laverda start also with a 250cc version LH2 based on the same engine and frame.

A nice orange paint (like 750 SFC) was available, the 250cc version was also produced in
green and white.

Only about 2000 bikes where produced from 1977 to 1980 as model LH1, LH2 and LH3