LZ 125/175

Presented in `77 the LZ 125 became bestseller in Italy. A 175cc version was also available but not successful in Italy.
Zündapp from Munich Germany deliver the water-cooled 2 stroke engines
with 123,6cc and 17 PS at 7,600rpm.

Zündapp in Germany sell during this time the successful KS 175, the 125cc version

was available only in Switzerland.

(Bild www.Zuendappfreunde.de von Ralf)

Together with the engine also ignition, carburetor, water cooler, air filter, handle bars, armatures, back light, flash lights and exhaust came from Zündapp.

The frame and front was different from KS 175. All other is nearly the same, even the wheels from Laverda and Zündapp was booth from Grimeca but with small difference.

Laverda build the frame and the rest of the bike in the style of the great
Laverda 1000 bikes.

A Sport version with nose fairing was build
additional to the standard version as well as the Custom version and the
very beautiful LZ 125 Elegant in Black and Gold (John Player Look).

(Pic www.Zuendappfreunde.de from Hinrich)

Laverda LZ 125 with original Zündapp KS 125 wheels. 

Laverda LZ 125 ...................................Zündapp KS 175

(Pic www.Zuendappfreunde.de from Marco)

Curios today: the main frame pipe under the gasoline tank is made of a
big pipe and contend a oil tank reservoir. Under the tank near the Mikuni 28
carburetor you can find a tap and a measuring beaker to

mix the 2% oil to the gasoline at the gasoline station.



Laverda LZ 125 Elegant at „Bergpreis Mühlwand“ Race (Roli aus der Schweiz)

22 PS and 160 km/h !

In the rain at “Zschorlauer Dreieckrennen” ,even bikes with 175cc can not follow!

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LZ 50

Related to the great sales success Laverda start up 1981 the LZ 50 “Pippo”
for the 15 year old ragazzi. Also here a Sport version was available with
nose fairing. The short production period 81-83 make it to one of the rarest
Laverdas today.

When Zündapp inconsiderately collapsed (1983) Laverda decide to build his
own 125cc engine and turned to Cagiva/Minarelli to power the 50cc steed.

The LB Uno and OR 50 Atlas was born and come out 1984 and 1985.


LB 125


Das Model LB 125 Sport (Laverda Breganze) have a complete new frame with 18 Zoll front- and back wheel,  

2 shock absorber and a small fairing like Laverda RGS und RGA. Modelle Sabbia, Custom und Strada with

similar engine und frame but different look complete the range.

From model Sport was also produced the “Formula” production racer for the italian "Trofeo Laverda"

LB 125 Uno

1985 the LB 125 was complete rebuild, the frame was now Square-steel and the bike was fit with 16 Zoll front wheel.

mono shock absorber

The LB engine have now only the piston similar to Zündapp, but you can still see it is based on the

Munich product.

On the left side you can see the new oil pump (speed controlled) to mix the 2% oil to the gasoline.

Also LB 125 Uno was produced as „Formula“ for the Laverda Trofeo, now with nice orange like 750 SFC.


125 Lesmo

the Lesmo replace 1986 the Uno, now with full fairing and more Power

1989 came  "Toledo" and "Navarro" but at this time Laverda was in financial trouble, 7 years after Zündapp also Laverda must close the factory.